Adding NHS ePortfolios to Hotmail/ Safe Senders

If you use Microsoft / as your email provider, we recommend that you add us as a "Safe Sender" to ensure that you receive emails from us in a timely manner.

1. Click the small cog icon near the right hand end of the / header and select "Options" from the drop down menu that appears:

2. On the Options page, click on the "Safe and blocked senders" link within the "Preventing junk emails" section:

3. On the Safe and blocked senders page, click the "Safe senders" link:

4. On the Safe senders page, type into the "Sender or domain to mark as safe:" field and click the "Add to list >>" button to add this to your "Safe senders and domains:" list.

5. That's you done - now return to your inbox.

NOTE (1): Changes to the Safe Senders list to not appear to be immediately applied within / and as such we would recommend that you wait at least 5-10 minutes before requesting a forgotten password reminder or other action in NHS ePortfolios that would send you an email message.

NOTE (2): If / has blocked the receipt of messages due to NHS ePortfolios not being in your safe senders list, NHS ePortfolios will have no knowledge of this action by / and will not automatically resend messages that / has previously received, but chosen not to deliver to your inbox.

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