Foundation ePortfolio - Problem with display of posts on AF1C/FACD forms

When generating a AF1C or FACD certificate on the Foundation ePortfolio the certificate shows all a trainee's posts for their relevant training year.


Sometime if a trainee has more posts than the usal three or four, there is not enough space on the certificate to show them all and they start to overlap with the text below.

This issue was discussed with our foundation users on 01/09/14 at one of our biannual Team Advisory Group (TAG) meetings.

The problem is that as the certificates are formatted for printing, there is only a limited amount of "space" available to fill with the post details.  We discussed options at the meeting such as making the text smaller, or reducing the size of the borders.

Ultimately, it was decided by the Foundation School representatives that it would be better not to change the certificate for the very few occasions when this problem is seen.

It is advised that when this problem occurs, the Foundation Schools should create and sign certificates manually outside of the ePortfolio and ask the trainee to upload the resultant document to their personal library.




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