What does "Permission is denied because there is no current round" mean on my TAB page?

Foundation Trainee

Sometimes as a Foundation Trainee you may not be able to create or ticket a TAB or self TAB form. You may see a message on your TAB summary page stating "Permission is denied because there is no current round"

This is because your Foundation school uses "TAB rounds", and your Foundation School has no current "TAB Round".

Foundation Ticket Assessors

When asked by a Foundation Trainee to complete a TAB form via a Ticket Request, you may see the message "Not available. Permission is denied because there is no current round" instead of a link to create the form.

This is because the Trainees Foundation School uses "TAB rounds", and their Foundation School has no current "TAB Round".

What are "TAB Rounds"

A TAB "round" is a special restriction placed on the ability to create or ticket TAB forms outwith particular dates.

Each School sets is own dates, for example the East of England restricted the creation of TAB forms for the 1st placement in the 2014-15 training year to only being accessible between the 13th of October and the 2nd of December 2014.

While the Foundation Curriculum does not call for this restriction by date, some Foundation Schools have asked specifically for it to be implemented.

The Schools currently using TAB rounds are:

  • South Thames Foundation School
  • North West Thames Foundation School
  • North Central Thames Foundation School
  • North East Thames Foundation School
  • East of England Foundation School
  • Peninsula Foundation School

If you are finding these restrictions problematic, you should contact your Foundation School.  The ePortfolio team can only change them on their instruction.



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