Why can’t I read all the comments on a SLE as a Clinical Supervisor?

If you are viewing any completed Foundation SLE forms as a Foundation Clinical Supervisor you will be able to open the form and view most of the details such as the clinical setting and clinical problem setting.  However you will not be able to read the longer "text" answers such as feedback or agreed actions.   Clinical supervisors are able to see what areas the trainee has been getting feedback in but are not party to details of that feedback.


If you are using an Educational Supervisor Role you will have responsibility for your trainees overall clinical education and therefore have permission to read the full SLE form.


The directive that a Clinical supervisor should not be able to see the text-based comments on SLE form was part of the original design of the SLEs and has been in place since they were introduced in 2012.  The design of the SLE forms is within the remit of the UKFPO curriculum delivery group and the Academy of Royal Colleges.


If you dislike this functionality and wish to see the ePortfolio changed, please see the following article for suggestions of how you may go about doing this:

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