Admin: Location permissions and Programme permissions - who sees what?

The list of trainees (or students) for whom an admin is able have administrative rights is governed by the location that the administrator is assigned to and the trainees assigned to in a hierarchical tree.


This means that an admin assigned to Trust 3 will administer all trainees in Hospital X and Hospital Y. If assigned to specifically to Hospital U then they can only administer trainees at Hospital U. 

In the Foundation ePortfolio a trainee's training programme may involve doing placements at locations that are out-with the admin's normal scope. For example, a trainee defined as being at Hospital W may have a placement at Hospital V. In this circumstance, as these are under different trusts, then an admin assigned to Trust 2 might not have appropriate administrative rights. To deal with this there is the facility to use Training Programmes (set up by the Foundation School) whereby an admin can be assigned to a training programme. 

An admin assigned to Training Programme 1 will have admin rights over all trainees in this training programme irrespective of where the trainee's location (or post location) are. If an admin is assigned to Training Programme 1 they will continue to have admin rights to all trainees under their assigned location (as described in figure above). This may include trainees who are part of a different training programme but have the appropriate location. 

In figure 2, the admin at Trust 1 will see will see Dr J and Dr K, while the admin on Trust 2 will only see Dr K, even when Dr K is doing a rotation in Hospital V. 

In summary, permissions to "see" a trainee are based on location and, where used, training programme. These are cumulative, i.e. being assigned to a programme does not remove any location-based permissions, but if Programme or location assignment for an admin was revoked then the associated permissions would be removed.




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