Using the Foundation ePortfolio as a non-training user

We have recently been contacted by a number of users if looking to use ePortfolio beyond their foundation programme.  Most are not currently enrolled in a training programme and are working in a number of roles including clinical fellowships and LAS posts.

However, trainee access to the Foundation ePortfolio is controlled and curated by the Foundation Schools and they choose to not give out access to non-training Doctors.

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust decided to create their own ePortfolio site (based on the Foundation site) which is called the CPD site (Continuous Professional Development).

The new CPD site will be for the following roles (open to all Trusts who want to use it) :

Advanced Clinical Practitioner
Non Training Medical Grade
Physician Associate

The CPD site is now available for use.  Please contact Rotherham Admin directly about using this site, email address is




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