How would I get a supervisor to validate a self-entered form (one with an orange arrow against it)?

The preferred route for filling in assessment, meeting or SLE would always be the assigned Supervisor would create directly from their own account.

However we are aware that sometimes the trainee may self-enter a form on behalf of the Supervisor or Assessor.

When a trainee does this the form will be displayed with orange arrows next to it, as per the screenshot below.

Although the Trainee may have had a good reason for self-entering the form on behalf of someone else, sometimes they may find others have trouble accepting this as a valid piece of evidence. They may need to provide additional verification or ensure this is a valid piece of evidence for the trainee’s portfolio.

In order to have this validated it is possible for a Supervisor or Programme Director role to “sign off” the form.

For your Supervisor or Programme Director to validate your self-entered form, they need to do the following steps:

1. Log into their account.

2. Select the appropriate role i.e. Foundation Educational Supervisor/ Foundation Programme Director.

3. Select the Trainee for their list of trainees and go to the appropriate Forms page (e.g. Clinical Supervisor forms).

4. Click the "Links" icon next to the form (Hint: it is a blue boxy icon - see screenshot below.)

5. In the "Links" box that opens click "Add a signature" - click the "Sign As..." button.

After a signature has been linked, the next time the trainee logs in they will see that the orange arrow representing the self-entered form has been changed to a green arrow representing that form has been validated by a Supervisor/ Programme Director. 

If somebody else is viewing the form, should they click on the Link icon they will be able to see who linked the signature. In addition you can also add a comment to a form by linking, in the same way as linking a signature. Your Supervisor or Programme Director might for instance comment on why the form hadn't been created by the Supervisor or Programme Director. In this case the green arrow would indicate the self-entered form had been validated.

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