Which Foundation curriculum should I use as a trainee for the 2014/15 training year?

An updated version of both the F1 and F2 2012 curricula were released in July 2014 and the ePortfolio team produced a guidance document as part of the Change Request related to this. An excerpt of the section relevant to this question is reproduced below. 

The curricula that the majority of trainees will use is the "Updated for 2014" version of the 2012 curricula.  All foundation trainees should have had the updated versions applied to their accounts by now.  If you don't have the updated version please get in touch and we can apply it to your account.

For reference the titles of the the updated versions you will see are as follows:

  • For F1s - "FP Curriculum 2012 (revisions for 2014) (F1)"
  • For F2s - "FP Curriculum 2012 (revisions for 2014) (F2)"

A trainee on a "standard" Aug-Aug one year Foundation Porgramme should only use one version of their curriculum (the updated version).  Trainees who are less than full time or out of the normal training date phase should discuss what to do with their Foundation School (see guidance below)

 Excerpt from "User Guidance for Foundation ePortfolio 2014 releases – July 31st 2014" p6


What has changed?

An updated version of the F1 and F2 2012 curricula has been released. The content of the curricula has been revised in places, though remains largely similar to the original 2012 curricula.

Who/what does this affect?

  • This mainly affects Foundation Trainees as they are the primary users of the curricula, but also anyone viewing or reviewing that trainee’s curriculum will see the change.
  • Less Than Full Time (LTFT) or out of phase trainees will be given access to the new version of the curriculum in addition to their current version.
    • Evidence recorded to date will not automatically transfer to the new version of the curriculum.
    • In conjunction with their Educational Supervisors and Foundation Schools; LTFT or out of phase trainees should decide how best to manage aligning evidence to their new version of their curriculum.
      • There is no right or wrong decision with regards to continuing with an existing curriculum for your current grade (F1 or F2), or moving to the new version. However, your Foundation school may wish to advise on the preferred process to support their ARCP review at year end.
    • The options that could be taken are one of the following:
      • A trainee could map all their existing evidence to the new version of the curriculum - this would have to be done manually.
      • If agreed with the Foundation School a trainee could continue to use the old version of the curriculum for all outcomes except Section 7 (“Good clinical care”) and Section 11 (“Investigations”); as these are the sections with newer content. 

Where can this change be seen?

  • In a Foundation trainee’s “Curriculum and PDP > Foundation Curriculum” pages.
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