Why do folders in my Personal Library all have new titles?

In December 2013, a set of UKFPO user-driven and stakeholder agreed Change Requests (CRs) to update core content and functionality were submitted to the NES Foundation ePortfolio team.

Working collaboratively since December, NES ePortfolio & the UKFPO FP Curriculum Delivery Group have project managed all changes. 

By result, 15 CRs were implemented on the ePortfolio on 19th July 2014 following UAT and acceptance by the UKFPO curriculum delivery group testing team. 

The ePortfolio team produced a guidance document as part of the implemented of the CR related to the Personal Library folder change. An excerpt of the section relevant to this question is reproduced below. 

Excerpt from "User Guidance for Foundation ePortfolio 2014 releases – July 31st 2014" p6

Change Request 16 – Add pre-titled folders within the Personal Library of all Foundation trainees 

What has changed?

  • Trainees will now start with a number of suggested, predetermined folders in the Personal Library to use. New folders can still be created.

Who/what does this affect?

  • The folder structure in the Personal Library page.

Where can this change be seen?

  • In a Foundation trainee’s “Additional Achievements > Personal Library” page

Any other info

  • It should be possible to delete these folders if you don’t want to organise your library in this suggested way.  (currently this folder delete is not available, but should be coming soon).


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