Why is my GMC number not being recognised?

The process of validating your GMC number works by the ePortfolio system receiving updates from the GMC one daily at 2am. This means that if your GMC number has just been added to the GMC web site this will not appear until this update. 

After this time if the ePortfolio still does not recognise your GMC first try going to your Personal profile, click 'Edit' followed by 'Save' and will force the system to update you details and re-check you GMC number. 

Make sure that your name on ePortfolio matches the GMC register, e.g. "Dave Smith" will not match "David Smith".

If your problem persists after 24 hours, have followed the instructions above, and you have confirmed the spelling of your name, then contact the ePortfolio support team. 

You may to force the system to reset your GMC status by going to your Personal Profile page, press "Edit" button followed by "Save" button.

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