2.5.6 Courses and Seminars

This section is linked to the Course and Seminar notification bar on the home page. When an Administrator enters details of a course or seminar in your region an outline will appear on the home page in the blue Courses and Seminars bar. If you click the View All Courses & Seminars link on the home page, more details about course and seminar information that would not fit in the short notification will appear on the Courses and Seminars page.

It is not unusual for this page to display no information.

Please note: This page is not editable by a trainee, if you wish to record attendance at teaching or reflect on teaching content this can be done in the Courses and Seminars Attended page of the Additional Achievement menu or in the Reflective Practice section of the Reflection menu

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    Dear whoever responsible about this, again I was a trainee between 2012 and 2016 I can't see any of my personal library, did I miss all my previous information everything in this new updating of eportfolio, my library is empty blank, can someone give me clear answer please

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