I am unable to release TAB Summary for my trainee

The TAB Summary can be created when only 1 x Self TAB and 1 x TAB form exists, but you must select 10 in order that the "Release Summary To Trainee" question functions.


With less than 10 x TAB forms, you will simply get a message indicating “You must select at least 10 forms before this summary can be released to the trainee.” if an attempt is made to change the value of the “Release Summary To Trainee” question to “Release Summary to Trainee”.


Please note, the spread of the 10 x TAB forms across the assessor categories does not impact on this functionality.


Additionally, even if the trainee has completed 10 x TAB forms, spread correctly across all assessor categories, and has a TAB form released, the TAB overview page will show “Your TAB is INCOMPLETE” if the released TAB Summary form contains “NO” as the answer to the question "Did the foundation doctor request the minimum range of TAB assessor’s, as available within the placement?”


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