Form listing pages show current post items by default

As of the site update on 1st March 2014 (Release 13.2) pages that list form completions have been updated so that forms created from the trainee’s current post are displayed by default. Previously all posts form completions where being displayed when form pages were loaded using up significant amounts of system resources resulting in slower page load times. This change affects Supervision forms, assessments (e.g. Core Procedures and SLEs), and progression (e.g. ARCP) but does not affect log forms, PDPs and equivalent.

In the screen shot below of a Summary Overview page you can see that only the current post’s details are being listed:

However, the drop down allows you to select other posts as well as a “Select All” option that will display all your posts’ form completions:

The example below shows the Education Supervision page (Foundation) with the “Select All” option used:



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