Trying to Create New User But System Says Email Address In Use

The user may already have an ‘External Assessor’ Account on the system. You can add a new role to the existing ‘External Assessor’ account.

Click Administer Users
- Enter the email address in 'Email' text box so that you can search for the account associated with the email address.
- (make sure you select 'All Locations' from the 'Location' drop down list, otherwise you will limit your seach to your location,but there's always a chance that an account is located elsewhere).

- Click 'Search users' button

- Click on name link in 'Search Results'

- Click on 'Admin Roles' button

- Click on 'Add New Role' button

- Select role form 'Role Name ' drop down list

- Select 'Location' from dropdown location tree

- Click 'Add Role' button


Also see this article (includes video guide):
What to do when a user already has an ePortfolio account


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