2.3.7 Form Status

The key forms to be completed for each post are now displayed on the home page so that you can keep track of them and access them more conveniently. The status shows a tick if one or more form exists on the current post. Each form will have a variety of actions available depending on the status of that particular form.

Actions available:
View – If the form has been completed for the current post it will be available to view by clicking this link.
Create – if the form is not present then the option to create the form will be presented. Note: see sections and 2.7.3 for details on the appropriateness of self entered forms).

Ticket – If the trainee does not have rights to create a form but can issue a ticket for it (see section 2.7.5 for details) you can move directly to the ticket request page.

(Please note: The list of key forms is as defined by the UK Foundation Programme Office. Your specific requirements for each post may differ by deanery. See section 3.2 for more details on what is necessary to include in your ePortfolio.)

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