Glossary of terms

Roles - There are three principal roles on the Foundation ePortfolio, that of the Trainee, Supervisor
and Administrator. Each role views the ePortfolio system differently and can perform different
functions dependent on their role.

Sites - These are the main ePortfolio types currently; Foundation, Physician, CEM, Dental, Defence Medical Services, Pharmacy, RCR, FICM, RCPCH, FSHR, RCPI, Nursing, UMeP and RCOG.

Locations - These refer to physical (i.e. real) locations, most commonly hospitals, or may also refer to
administrative offices or schools, for example, an NHS trust.

Training Programme - This represents the overall programme of training for a trainee. For the
Foundation Site the programme will almost always be ‘Foundation Training’. Programmes also have
a location associated with them.

Post/Placement - A post fits into a Training Programme and represents a particular period of
training and is used as the object to save forms and other information against. The post has a
grade/designation defined, as well as a location. The new approved term for a post is a placement.
The ePortfolio will be moving towards this new terminology over the next few months, so you may
see both terms used.

Grade/designation - This refers to a trainee’s stage of training, such as FY1, FY2, ST1, FTSTA1, etc.

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