Problem with unusual font on Chrome browser

If you are seeing an unusual looking font displaying when using Google Chrome it will be due to a bug in the latest version of this browser. 

This has now been confirmed as an issue relating to the implementation of a Windows feature called "DirectWrite" in the newest version of Google Chrome (version 37).

Specifically, this will affect users of Google Chrome on a Windows 7 or later based computer that has Microsoft Office 2007 or Microsoft Office 2010 installed (which means it has the "Gill Sans MT" and the "Gill Sans Ultra Bold" fonts installed, but not the "Gill Sans" font.

The workaround for this Chrome issue, is as follows:

1. Open Google Chrome
2. Open a new tab and enter the following in the address bar:
3. Click "enable" to enable this switch, disabling the use of Microsoft DirectWrite by Google Chrome.
4. Close and re-open Chrome.


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    Hi, I tried this but I am still left with the chunky font, I am using chrome on a Windows 8 PC, do you have any more tips?

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