Why is my connection slow while I'm at work?

The ePortfolio is a web-based service available via any internet connection. The speed that the ePortfolio appears to work at is largely dependent on the speed of the network connection that you use to access the website. The most likely cause of the ePortfolio running slowly if you are using a NHS computer is that the NHS internet gateway can be a bottle-neck to external websites (the ePortfolio is hosted externally to the NHS N3 network). This means that the ePortfolio can run slowly for users, but there is nothing the ePortfolio team can do to avoid this. If your connection speed is slow, this may affect your access to the ePortfolio site, and the speed at which each page opens. Your local IT department may be able to provide further information about internet provision and connection issues.

If connecting from outside the NHS network, for example on a home broadband connection, you should notice that the site runs a lot faster.

You can check your connection speed using one of the EXTERNAL speed testing sites below:

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