How do I improve the print out of my ePortfolio?

Items within ePortfolio can be printed either by directly printing from the web browser window (i.e. selecting "Print" from the File menu of the browser), or by downloading all or parts of you ePortfolio to a PDF file, and printing this.   When printing directly from a web page it is recommended that you first go to "Print preview", and select "Page settings" (the cog icon in Internet explorer). Here, select "Shrink to fit", and also check the option "Print background colours and images".  Printing from a PDF file shouldn't require changes to printer set up but if you do observe problems with printing (such as the right margin being cropped) you may have to check the settings on your printer, and possibly also in you PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat).  The above options will not solve the problem of form items being cropped at the bottom of the page. At present the ePortfolio team is working to find a solution to this. 

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